Humor is at the center of N’UOVO’s designs, humor tempered by a profound knowledge of the history of European furniture, an intellectual enterprise where the aesthetic never loses its life force and joy.  This joy infuses all of N’UOVO’s creations making them the ideal companions of a blissful childhood.  Careful not to fall into the trap of the majority of children’s furnishings, N’UOVO’s designs are whimsical and yet sophisticated, beautifully and lovingly made using traditional materials and still attentive to safety and durability. 

Every piece of furniture is imbued with a love and dedication to age-old artisan techniques and materials.  Built and painted by hand, each piece comes to life in a Florence that has not forgotten its glorious artistic heritage and yet looks optimistically to the future.  The furniture shapes are perfect in their conception, harmony of proportion and execution yet never fall in to the trap of reproduction. For example, a chest of drawers, a perfect interpretation of a Genoese chest of drawers from circa 1760, is painted in a dizzying succession of precise curved lines, at once mimicking the pattern of a prized marquetry and endowing the chest with a modern, optical almost Technicolor presence.  Likewise, a center table modeled on an example in Palazzo Pitti made for the Medici has been updated with a wild, exuberant pseudo-vegetal pattern, while details, such as intricate moldings and N’UOVO’s trademark eggs are covered in real silver.  

N’UOVO’s creations are made to work together, to create a vibrant blend of shapes, colors and patterns where more is always more.  While the designs are conceived in groupings, in harmonies, each object retains its own integrity and can easily and successfully hold its own in any setting.  Be it a contemporary environment or an antiques filled residence, the furniture of N’UOVO brings a witty, humorous touch coupled with great craftsmanship.  Flexibility of design is another of N’UOVO’s assets and allows for custom orders; specific colors, patterns and sizes are the order of the day while the N’UOVO spirit remains intact.

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